OCCL And business sustainability
OCCL And business sustainability
At OCCL, we have protected our business fundamentals through the enunciation of priorities.

Never over-leverage

At OCCL, we have resisted the temptation to mobilise large debt, invest in substantial capacity or engage in an aggressive pricing strategy with the objective to carve out a larger market share. We believe that large debt on our books could influence our strategic thinking away from the values we have cherished that of remaining a focused knowledge-driven player.

Expand incrementally

At OCCL, we address a global market that is growing annually in the modest single-digits. We have resisted the urge to expand aggressively as it would compel us to price below established players or suffer a large unutilized capacity. The Company has selected to grow steadily instead the expenditure being addressed through accruals. Besides, this approach does not compel us to seek lower realisations or stretch our managerial bandwidth.

Continuous cost management

At OCCL, our sustainability is influenced by austerity coupled and a commitment to moderate costs and waste. Over the years, we enhanced manufacturing efficiency (optimal input-output ratios), higher consumption of captively-produced inputs and superior processes, conserving time and material use.

Maximise productivity

At OCCL, we recruit with care, orient employees around our DNA, train extensively and intensively, empower aggressively and appraise periodically. The result is that we chart out career growth for employees, strengthening their retention and business sustainability.

Capital Allocation

At OCCL, we are very focused and prudent on captial allocation. Be it any kind of capex within the core business or any decision outside, it needs to pass through rigorious criteria’s and is ultimately decided at the topmost level. The focus is always to ensure that the risk weighted return on capital is appropriate. We believe this discipline and diligence is a crucial element in ensuring business sustainability.