OCCL And cutting-edge technology
OCCL And cutting-edge Technology


The role of cutting-edge Insoluble Sulphur manufacturing technology cannot be over-emphasized. The number of Insoluble Sulphur manufacturers across the world over are limited.


  • The Company has consistently evolved the technology over the last 25 years, by investment in professional research & equipment, with an objective to benchmark with best standards in industry.
  • The result is that the Company is among a handful the world over with access to the specialised Insoluble Sulphur manufacturing technology.
  • The principal advantages of this technology comprise superior resource conversion, process safety and stability, high equipment uptime and the ability to deliver product quality in line with evolving standards.
  • The Company’s technology competence has insulated it from evolving customer preferences, keeping it ahead of the demand curve.
  • The result is that the technology has enhanced the competitiveness across market cycles.