OCCL And Governance


At OCCL, we believe that an organisation managed around defined timeless values creates a basis for long-term relevance and endurance.  We believe that mere enunciation is not enough; these values need to be lived perpetually so that the commitment to governance strengthens our business sustainability.


In a number of areas, we have extended beyond the regulation-mandated governance requirements of the day towards a more demanding standard. At OCCL,
  • We strengthened our governance before the curve. We strengthened our Board composition towards a fair balance of Independent Directors comprising established professionals and achievers.
  • We invested in business automation with the objective to strengthen our process-orientation and operational consistency that minimised the role for arbitrary human interventions in decision-making.We invested in cutting-edge technologies that enhanced our operational efficiency and strengthened a hedge against technology obsolescence.
  • We reduce the variables in our business through the extensive use of standard operating protocols that make it possible to deliver a consistently high product standard.  
  • We focused on enhancing stakeholder value as the principal objective of the business.
  • We invested the business with rigorous accounting standards and conservative interpretations of accounting treatments as a result of which the Balance Sheet consistently provides a true and fair picture of the company’s profits, profitability and cash reserves.
  • Competitive: OCCL re-invested accruals in capacity expansion and utilized the prevailing infrastructure to expand at a relatively low capital cost per tonne, making the Company one of the most competitive global manufacturers.