OCCL and its distinctive DNA


OCCL’s business is woven around a combination of superior product quality and engaged customer service.
Until as recent as a few decades ago, India possessed a large and growing tyre manufacturing base but did not possess world-class rubber chemical manufacturing companies. 
The number of rubber chemical companies was limited; there was a low focus on building economies of scale that would graduate the segment towards global competitiveness. 


In this challenging environment, OCCL emerged as an outlier.
  • Over the years, the Company has distinguished itself by patiently building economies of scale on the one hand and developing a global market for its products on the other. The result is an international mindset, a long-term business approach and a proactive investment in processes, practices and plants.
  • The evidence is in the numbers. The Company’s manufacturing capacity is double the domestic consumption of Insoluble Sulphur. Besides, the Company’s exports account for nearly 65% of its annual revenues.
  • At OCCL, this global personality has been the result of various initiatives and priorities, one of the most important being the Company’s ability to provide quality material as per customer requirement. The Company’s products are completely in sync with the technical quality standards of customers. The Company’s capacity to adapt to transforming environments has enhanced business sustainability.
  • The other business driver has been the Company’s consistently uncompromising focus on health, safety and environment best practices. The Company is respected for responsible practices that focus on process integrity as much as product quality. This has enabled carve out a distinctive reputation over competitors enhancing the Company’s positioning as a preferred material provider.